C ustomade R obotic D ispenser

25 years in Automation Technology



Riello CRD is automation technology.

Ever since the home video rental dispensers produced in 1994, Riello CRD gave life to various solutions in many different sectors:

  • Automated dispensers for the rental of VHS, DVD, videogames by means of rechargeable loyalty cards.

  • Automated metal-clad dispensers able to guarantee 24h independent withdrawal and reloading services of safe-deposit boxes.

  • Automated system for storage and control of objects in places where it is necessary to guarantee safe-keeping of small items of value (hotels, residences, sports centres).

  • Pharmaceutical automatic stores for safe management and delivery of drugs in hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Customised automated dispensers to sell or rent one brand or multi-brand products in self-service mode.



The know-how and the resources of Riello CRD are the result of a model process of growth and development based on the experience and solidity of a family of worldwide known entrepreneurs, that started life in the Veneto region of Italy, and of the professional expertise of designers and engineers who have been able to create a wide range of products, a widespread sales network operating in over twenty countries and widely recognized brands both in B2B and B2C sectors.

Designers and engineers, experts in industrial automation, in electronic management of goods handling and in the development of software interfaces have been able to exploit devices able to strengthen performance and services ensuring speed, greater efficiency, competitiveness and safety and to improve fundamental services for our society providing a new culture of efficiency, combating the current critical areas and contributing to shaping the scenarios of tomorrow.

Giuseppe Riello

Giuseppe Riello

Giuseppe Riello was born in Venice in 1965, third eldest of Pilade Riello. Since when he was young, he gained experience in his family’s company. After a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and a master's degree in computer science at Cuoa, in 1987 he founded in Verona “Intex Ricerche”, a company created to offer IT consulting and market research.

He began his industrial experience as managing director in a Riello Group company producing glass wool, but in 1994 he acquired his first industrial company specializing in automated home video distribution. Aware of the know-how in the field of robotic mechanical handling, he embarqued on new challenges, as in the pharmacological sector where, with Pharmathek srl, he soon created a line of communication with hospitals and pharmacies.

Today he has two children, is married to Claudia, and after more than twenty years in the vending sector, he has decided to put his expertise at his family disposal, joining Riello Industries board, performing the function of managing director in other companies of the group such as RPS spa (security area and automation area manager in Cardin and Telcoma) and Ghibli & Wirbel spa (professional cleaning machines manager). He also commits himself to many social engagements related to the territory.


From the first dispensers produced in a small plant with semi-industrial techniques to anti-vibration vending machines in trains.

Here are the achievements and innovations that Riello CRD lead to success in the world of automation technology.


Since 2005 Giuseppe Riello is also involved in association activities for Verona: he held a lead position at Confindustria Verona for two terms (2005-2009 Vice President for Marketing Associate department; 2009-2013 Vice President for Quality and Development of Associate care), in 2013 he was elected president of the engineering section and was commissioned to join the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona.

In March 2014 he was appointed Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona and was a member of the organizing committee of Expo Milano 2015.